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SMS Backup

SMS Backup is a complete text message backup and restore solution for BlackBerry 10 devices. Whether you want to backup your text messages or want to import and merge your (old) text messages from a BlackBerry 10 device or other smartphone devices [1], SMS Backup is here to help you.


  • Backup text messages (SMS) to an open XML format
  • Backup media content from MMS
  • Checks for duplicates on import
  • Clear all your text messages (Safely remove all text messages)
  • Export text messages to a CSV file that you can view, sort and print in a spreadsheet application such as Excel
  • The easiest way to migrate from Android to BlackBerry10 (and vice versa)!
  • View backup file/conversations in browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox)

[1] The XML format allows you to import and export to other platforms as well:

This tool should be very useful for people who:
  • switch OS versions often (i.e. Testing leaks)
  • need to switch between BB10 devices (upgrading/replacements)
  • are migrating to or from Android devices
  • want to archive conversations
  • want to view/print messages on their computer
  • need a more reliable alternative to BB Link which seems to have issues when restoring from different OS versions

Required permissions

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This app requires the following permissions to work correctly:

  • Email and PIN Messages
    This permission is required to list, read and access your accounts
  • Shared Files
    This permission is required to read and store the backup files
  • Text Messages
    This permission is required to access your text message account
  • Run When Backgrounded
    This permissions is required to allow the app to import/export while running in the background

Where to get it?

BlackBerry World:
SMS Backup for BB10

CrackBerry Forums Support/Feedback Topic:
SMS Backup – Backup and Restore Text Messages


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Reading conversations on the computer

  • Copy the backup file (yourbackupfilename.xml) and stylesheet file (sms.xsl) to the computer
  • Right click on the file
  • Open with… Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Do note that the XML and XSL files need to be in the same directory for this to work



Or watch this video:

Exporting text messages

  • Switch to the Backup tab
  • Touch the “Backup” button
  • Specify a filename (we recommend including the date)
  • The backup file will be stored on the device in the folder “documents/SMSBackup”
  • You can either e-mail the file or connect the device to your computer to archive it.

Importing text messages

  • Switch to the Restore tab
  • Touch the “Restore” button
  • Use the filemanager to select your backup file (*.xml)
  • After picking your file, SMS Backup will start importing the messages
  • This might take a while depending on the number of archived messages

Android Guides

Exporting to Android

  • Folow the instructions above
  • Copy the XML file from the BlackBerry 10 device to the Android device
  • Choose the Restore option in SMS Backup & Restore.

Importing from Android

  • Install SMS Backup and Restore onto your Android device
  • Open up the application and choose Backup
  • Specify a filename
  • Wait for the application to finish
  • All messages have been exported
  • Copy the backup XML file from your Android device e.g. X:\SMSBackupRestore to your BlackBerry 10 device
  • Follow the instructions from Importing text messages