SMS Backup for BB10 updated!

We’ve released a new version of SMS Backup that should take care of some minor issues in the UI and UX.

Changelog for v1.0.4


  • Feedback on missing permissions
  • Keep the screen awake (during import and export to prevent the app from pausing)
  • Clean up phone numbers on import by removes dashes and spaces (e.g. “xxx yyy zzzz” and “xxx-yyy-zzzz” willl become xxxyyyzzzz). This should result in less broken conversations.


  • Missing sender’s name in the received message (in conversation view)
  • Use the correct latest timestamp in message list
  • Use the address field (phone number) on unknown entries instead of listing (Unkown).
  • Typos in UI

After upgrading SMS Backup please complete the following steps to fix the missing sender’s name and conversation timestamps:

  1. Create a complete backup of your text messages
  2. Erase all text messages
  3. Import the backup you made in step 1

Where to get it?

BlackBerry World:
SMS Backup for BB10

CrackBerry Forums Feedback Topic:
SMS Backup – Backup and Restore Text Messages